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Here are a few "actual sound files" I have just posted won't need software

with these...just click on the links and get ready to listen:

(Note: you can use headphones...or put your portable computer

speaker right on the area that needs healing)



Part1-CancerHealing-568, 1829, 2736 Hz.mp3


Part2-cancer-healing-1538, 3445, 6149 Hz.mp3


Healing-1026, 1537, 2029 Hz.mp3


Healing-1549, 3642, 7055 Hz.mp3


Infinite-healing-1638, 2444, 3127  Hz.mp3


Joy-1126, 1927, 3127 Hz.mp3


RecoveryFromIllness-858, 2284 Hz.mp3


Rheumatoid Arthritis and inflammation

733, 1123, 1622 Hz
your area/s.

stiff-joints-muscles-45, 69, 102 Hz.mp3


well-being-2474, 3758, 4450 Hz.mp3



Regarding the Swine flu and frequencies:
this is to
alert people to the truth that we don't need Vaccines, we don't need drugs,
we just need sound therapy, and learn the truth about Cymatics, the science
of sound effecting matter but it's more then that, sounds don't just change
matter, it can also destroy and create, if we use this properly we can remove
the Swine Flu.


You can also go to and seach for:

'healing sound frequencies' videos.


Hi! everyone! 




Note: these are all "word document" files...just double click on

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Also...if any of these documents say something about "marcos error"...just ignore that...a glitch with my own word processing program...and there is no problem that will develop for your computer at all.




Chakra and Brainwave Frequency List


HealingFrequencyInfo/Cross Reference List of CAFL Frequencies.txt


CROSS-REFERENCE-FREQ-LIST.doc (love this one!)


Frequencies for Sedative effect for INSOMNIA


Frequencies for Alzheimer's


Frequencies for Backache


Frequencies for Cancer Carcinoma


Frequencies for Cancer Lymphoma


Frequencies for Cold and Flu (Basic)


Frequencies for Constipation (just in case!)


Frequencies for Depression


Frequencies for Sore Thoat


Frequencies for Vertigo


Frequencies for Weight Loss/Obesity


HealingFrequencyInfo/GIANT-Rife Beam Ray Machine Frequency List.txt








 rexresearch - interesting info



(don't laugh...I have one of these antiques!...

...every now and then they pop up on ebay!)

...LOL the little instruction sheet even talks about "brain fog"...

I think I may have that! LOL


Updated Frequency List


WARTS-CATS (disease?)-OTHER.rtf




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p.s. I don't claim to be a doctor or to have all the answers regarding healing and this information

above is for your own experimentation and entertainment (have to put this here...LOL)...

I have used all of this on myself and it worked for me.


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